January 2017

It’s January 2017 and I’ve set myself a goal of becoming a better cook during the next 12 months. The type of food I’m aiming to cook is Parsi food, the food I grew up with. Parsi food has its origins in Persia, that’s the meaning of Parsi, to come from Persia. There’s more about that in the What’s Cooking? page.

I love food, especially tasty food. Street food, home cooked meals, a good burger…as long as it tastes good, I’m happy. So it makes sense to me that if I learn to cook for myself, I’ll be doing myself a favour.

My cooking experimentation has to be done in between the usual everyday life stuff, primarily work and family. Hopefully I’ll be cooking most weekends, and the odd week night. On the plus side, I’m not committed to many appearances on Saturday Morning

Cooking Extravaganza 2015

Kitchen or The Sunday Brunch Show, however, I do have to take child #1 to tennis and child #2 to gymnastics – and when that’s done, there’s usually a shelf to put up, a leaking tap to fix, or homework to help with.

But I’m planning to find time for cooking too. I’m going to be teaching myself a few recipes and hopefully a few shortcuts too. Along the way I’m sure there will be disasters (like last year’s pancakes), but hopefully a few successes too (like this cooking extravaganza back in 2015).






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